Either we start smiling because we see someone dancing or we dance for ourselves and start smiling...

in the end, dancing and happiness often come at the same time. But have you ever started smiling while just watching someone's belly dancing? 




I'm really impressed by the effect of music: it has the power to make myself travel to other cultures and to other parts of the world.

Since I was four years old, I took classes of all kinds of dance. I ended up with the style that feels most natural to me: belly dance. In addition to the elements of belly dancing, I am also touched by the associated music. I feel the urge to express the huge spectrum of sounds, rhythms, melodies and emotions. I'm in love with oriental, specially anatolian music - love goes through the stomache or in this case, through my belly.



I'm in a project with Pierre le chat - two great musicians. They're travelling by music express, too: From France via South of America to Balkan regions. So far, we've performed in the area of Zurich, Switzerland.


I got my diploma from the teacher, dancer and choreographer Said el Amir in "Bühnentänzerin Jomdance (jazz-, oriental-, Modern)" in Munich, Germany.


I had a project with a drummer. We called ourselves Samuel & Meer. We had some performances on the streets of Bern, Switzerland.



My mission is to deck music with dance movements that create resonance in the audience, in any kind of manner - maybe they feel themselves like being somewhere else like next to the sea of marmara, or they start smiling and begin to snap their fingers, which make them happy.


I'm offering you an arrangement of 15 minutes, which includes three to four dance pieces. My style is a mixture of belly dance and other genres like jazz dance or hip hop.


My target audience are people, who plan something special for an event, a function or "just because". 
If you'd like to book my program, please contact me. In case you wish another format, I'm open to adapt my set to your imaginations. And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.

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photos by Anna Milena

                 Jack Friesen



Danke für's Absenden!